PostHeaderIcon The Kids are Coming!


Our mama goats are growing very plump (and fluffy) and we expect the kids to start arriving any day now.

We expect to have plenty of kids available for sale and even a mama/baby combo or two. The combos are great for all involved; the kids get to stay with their moms and the new owners can experience having the little ones around right from the start (as opposed to after weaning). Goats are very family oriented and will remain close throughout their lives.

We are also offering a buy one, get one half price sale for our one- and two-year-old wethers (neutered males). They are very sweet, produce plentiful fiber, and eat more weeds than the does because of their larger size. They are easy to handle, understand terms like "go home," and love people.

These wethers are available in white and badger, both of which produce cream-colored fiber. The sale price for 2 goats is $450. (The normal price is $300 each.)

Call Elaine at 240-367-4932 to ask questions or arrange a visit to our farm in Middletown, Maryland. You can also email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .