PostHeaderIcon Its Kid Time!

Farmer Peter and Friends in 2018.

An abundance of delightful baby goats have started arriving (5 so far). The first doeling, Uno, was born during the polar vortex on the night the temperature went down to the lowest we have seen here, 1 degree. Thank goodness for heat lights under the barn and a devoted mother. Uno was very happy to be blown with air from a nice warm hair dryer, which made her completely dry and fluffy, and took a deep nap during the process. The tips of her ears had chunks of ice on them but thawed out fine.

Last year, the majority of our kids had early deposits put on them from people coming from as far away as Tennessee. Of the 20 kids born, all except the two we decided to keep were sold to wonderful homes. Our rare and wonderful American Cashmere Goats really are "Weed Wackers With Personality!"

We spend a lot of time with the kids (it's really fun), and the they quickly become very well socialized. They even wag their tails when they are happy!

As breeding stock, the doelings and bucklings will be priced at $500, and the neutered males (wethers) will be available for $300. We plan to offer a few mamma/baby combos, one of our favorite way to sell goats, to reduce our herd size a bit this year.�?� 

In addition, we have one white and two badger-colored adult wethers for sale for $300 each. All of these wethers produce lovely cream-colored fiber.

A 10% discount is offered to folks purchasing 3 or more goats. To ask questions, request photos, or reserve a goat please contact Elaine by phone (301-371-6201) or email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .