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At 15.1 hands and 7 years of age, Harley's Charlotte is a truly one-of-a-kind cross: 1/4 American Cream Draft (very rare, calm, sturdy) and 3/4 Crabbet Arabian (intelligent, tractable, hardy). Displaying the best traits of both, she is a beautiful, solidly built horse with amazing movement.

Well trained with Natural Horsemanship techniques, Charlotte is a pleasure to ride. Light and responsive to her rider's cues, she is particularly attuned to the nuances of dressage. She takes the leg well and her side passes are poetry in motion.

Charlotte, the ever patient at age 3:

Charlotte has perfect ground manners; has always been barefoot; and stands well for mounting, trims, and the vet. She is very sensible, loads well, and has been trailered several times. Charlotte has been on many trail rides and particularly enjoys going out with other horses.

Born and raised here at Harley Farm, Charlotte has never had a health issue and is up to date with her vaccinations, dentals, and trims. She is priced at $12,000.