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Winter Update

We currently have several very nice cashmere goats for sale, including 10 new kids! All are white or badger colored, both of which produce cream-colored cashmere fiber.

American Cashmere Goats were first deveoped in the 1980s and are relatively rare. They were developed by crossing feral domestic goats in Australia (hardy) with Spanish Meat Goats in the U.S. (tractable). Cashmere goats are very friendly and hardier than Angora (mohair), milk, and meat goats.

They grow amazingly soft and luxurious cashmere fiber as an undercoat each winter, and we comb it out each spring. Cashmere goats get along well with other pasture animals and love to eat poison ivy, wild rose, bramble, honeysuckle, etc. Weed Whackers with Personality!

Our goats are priced from $350 to $500 each.