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Available Horses

We currently have two well-trained horses available and two 4-year-olds in the pipeline. Due to a glitch in our website we don't have them posted here yet but hope to have the situation corrected shortly. All of our horses have Crabbet Arabian bloodlines, though one is an Anglo Arabian (half Thoroughbred) and two are 1/4 American Cream Draft. Feel free to contact Elaine at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any questions.

Crabbet Arabian Horses

In 1878, British aristocrats Lady Anne and Wilfrid Blunt began breeding Arabian horses at their stud in England --Crabbet Park. The couple traveled deep into the deserts of the Middle East in search of the best Bedouin horses, adopting the tribesmen's passion for purity of type and pedigree. Fluent in the Arabic language, the Blunts gained the respect of their hosts and--unlike other Europeans--were able to purchase purebred horses of exceptional quality.

The Blunts, their daughter Lady Wentworth, and those who followed at Crabbet Park recognized the many traits that made these horses special, including beauty, stamina, intelligence, and remarkable loyalty. For close to 100 years, they pursued a breeding strategy that, while maintaining these characteristics, emphasized temperament, conformation, and athleticism. Today, Crabbet-line breeders around the world are proud to continue this tradition.

The following excerpts are drawn from Why Buy Crabbet by Georgia Cheer:*

Qualities of the Arabian Crabbet

To this day, the foremost character trait of loyalty and devotion to his master in the Crabbet Arabian are still very much evident. They seem to thrive when owned by considerate, loving owners. These Arabians are unique in temperament, they are "people-lovers." They seem to have the magical power to "possess" their owners, enabling them to extract from their owners the same loyalty and dedication they so generously give. When I'm asked to describe the best feature of the Crabbet Arabian, I respond "their temperament." Many young riders got their best start aboard a gentle Crabbet Arabian.

Crabbet Arabians are remarkably high achievers. Ask them to respond to a request, and they try very hard to do it. They want to please their owners. This is why so many Crabbet line Arabians achieve high marks in the performance world. If you are looking for a super trail horse, race horse, first place endurance horse, top cutting, reining or stock horse, look for Crabbet breeding in the pedigree.

Crabbet Blood has Survived Trying Times

If you looked closely, you would find that there are many more small farms with Crabbet line Arabians than you thought possible. Although these small breeders or farms may not have huge advertising budgets to make them more noticeable, they have maintained value and consistency, and most evidently, the Arabian type, by not overbreeding. Thus they have insured their chosen bloodlines' continued success. It's as if these breeders were never affected by the Arabian market's crazed days in the late 70s and 80s. The Crabbet breeders held by their principles, by not switching from one bloodline to another and then back again to follow what is "in fashion". . . Crabbet breeders think in the long term and not the short haul. Crabbet Arabians are still the best (and proven) value for the money.

*Georgia Cheer, Why Buy Crabbet
Copyright �© 2006 Silver Monarch Publishing
Used With Permission, All Rights Reserved.

Crabbets Today

Crabbet Arabians are the descendents of outstanding "Asil" (pure) stock bred by desert tribesmen for over 4,000 years. The harsh conditions of the desert and the traits prized by the tribesmen resulted in horses that are extremely hardy, intelligent, gentle, and affectionate. As famed breeder Bazy Tankersly once said: "The greatest breeder of all time was a guy named Survival of the Fittest." The size of Crabbet Arabians is usually 14 to 15.2 hands

Unfortunately, in recent years many Arabian show horse breeders lost this perspective. By seeking to exaggerate the animals' Arab features, they created horses with nonfunctional traits (such as long, thin necks and legs) and unpredictable temperaments.

The good news is that Crabbet breeders never followed these trends and kept their focus on what has always made these horses wonderful. Today, athletic and responsive Crabbet Arabians can be found excelling in virtually every sport horse activity, including fox hunting, dressage, endurance racing, and cattle cutting.

Crabbet-line crosses with other breeds such as Quarter Horses, Morgans, and Thoroughbreds are also extremely popular.